12/3/14 – Community Workout


Is it that time again?! OH SNAP! It is. It is that time again!

This Saturday, December 6th, we’re at it again. It’s our absolutely, 100% FREE community workout!

Grab anybody and everybody you know and bring them on down to 4739 Central Way. We want people to experience first hand what it is we offer at The Coalition. This would be the perfect opportunity to do so. This weekend is for the person who’s never exercised a day in their life and looking to make a life style change. Or the seasoned vet that’s been in the gym game for awhile and looking to change some things up. And, all levels in between. To put it simply, this is for EVERYBODY.

See you all this weekend at 9 AM.



Workout of the Day

Five sets of:
Deadlift – 3 reps
-Rest 3 minutes-
Every minute, on the minute, for 24 minutes:
1st minute – Thrusters – 5 reps
2nd minute – Pull-Ups – 10 reps
3rd minute – Box Jumps – 15 reps

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