1/27/15 – Keeping Track


Are you keeping track of your workouts? If you aren’t, you should.

Keeping a journal is almost as important as working out. Here me out on this. Writing down what you’re doing day to day will help you accelerate the learning process. When starting a new workout routine you’re learning tons of new skills and terminology. Journaling what you’ve done after workouts will help give you some time to reflect on what you learned, repeat the terminology to yourself and engrain the new concepts into your memory.

Logging workouts also helps you remember the appropriate weights to use on a workout. Sometimes from workout to workout it can be hard to remember which kettlebell you used or which weight dumbbell you lifted. You might be working out on your own and there’s nobody to ask, or maybe you wanted to do a little more than last time, but you’re not sure how much weight you had put on the barbell. Having a journal to double check can quickly give you an answer that’s possibly even more accurate than what your coach may estimate.

As a coach, I find that if you as a student are journaling, I have a greater ability to help you on your fitness journey. if you have a detailed log of your workouts, it aids me in giving advice on how to progress because I know exactly what you have been doing, instead of guessing. Perhaps your progress has stalled out and you’re not sure why. If you have a journal we can sit and look through your workouts and try to pinpoint the problem.

Finally, the best part of journaling is being able to track your progress. This is a great benefit both for when you are having a good day at the gym and when you are having a bad day. It’s a lot of fun to be able to look back and see how far you have progressed. And, when you’re having a day where you’re being hard on myself, it’s encouraging to see that you really have come a long way already and that the journey is full of ups and downs.

– Joey


Workout of the Day

A. Five sets of:
Snatch Clusters – 1.1.1
(rest 5-7 seconds between singles)
– Rest 2 minutes-
In teams of two, alternate sets to complete 3 each of:
10 Power Cleans 185/135
400 Meter Run

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