1/28/14 – Change The Game


As you know, we hosted the CrossFit Strongman Training Seminar this past weekend. Besides this seminar being my personal favorite. Of course, i’m biased in my opinion. One of the coolest parts about this weekend was watching the attendees learn and process all the information. Amazing questions were asked and the discussions has were top notch. The best part is that everybody went home with the same information but digested a bit different. Each person will take what they learned and apply it in a different manner. That’s what makes strongman and the type of training we all do so great. Same concept, different approach, outstanding results either way.

One of the attendees this weekend was superstar coach, Nate Helming. Nate is the founder of Helming Athletics and The Run Experience. Here’s a little bio on Nate via The Run Experience.


Founded The Run Experience with the goal of reaching a broader audience of runners and outdoor enthusiasts who want to be able to run and enjoy the outdoors and remain injury-free. He has helped athletes finish their first races, conquer new distances, overcome pre-existing injuries, set new PRs, reach the podium, and qualify for national and world level events. Nate Helming is based in San Francisco and in addition to coaching runners and triathletes of all levels, he trains Olympic level cyclists, professional triathletes, elite mountain bikers, and national-level ultra runners on strength and mobility. Nate has traveled around the world to speak about better strength training for endurance athletes, and regularly publishes videos and articles on how runners can do it better!

Now, you may think to yourself. “Why would a running guy even care about strongman?” Well, Nate asked himself that same question and he found the answer he was looking for this weekend. He wrote a pretty awesome article about his experience on his blog called, “Why Your Mom Will Love Strongman.” Take a second out of your day and read the article here: http://therunexperience.com/why-your-mom-will-love-strongman/

I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again…

Strongman is a game changer.

– Joey


Workout of the Day

A. Five sets of:
Seated Strict Press (Z-Press) 4-5 reps
-Rest 2-3 minutes-
Against a 7-minute running clock, complete:
40 Cal AD

As many rounds and reps as possible of:
5 Single Arm Press each arm 55/35
10 Box Jump-Overs

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