1/7/16 – The Whole Life Challenge, Join Us!



The Whole Life Challenge is an 8 week long game we play with the members of our community that measures body composition improvements, performance gains, and the ability to stay complaint to a lifestyle changing game.

We welcome everybody to join.  Here’s an explanation on what the challenge is.

25% – Body Composition Improvement: You’ll take measurements on ‘Day 1’, and then retake measurements on the final day. For example, step on the scale and make note of your body weight. Before and after pictures are encouraged, but not necessary.

25% – Performance Improvement: You’ll perform a basic workout on ‘Day 1’ and retest it on the final day. The workout has to be something that can be repeated to see improvement.  Doing a workout for time or reps would be the best idea.  For example, you could run a mile or do 5 minutes of burpees.  Both of those workouts can be retested to measure improvement.  This isn’t a “CrossFit” challenge.  Spin classes, yoga, pilates, and Zumba are all acceptable forms of exercise.

50% Lifestyle: Each day during the challenge you’ll be enrolled in a lifestyle game.  You’ll get points for following the rules and you’ll lose  points for breaking them.  Rules include minimum levels of sleep, hydration, and quality controls on nutrition. The isn’t prison (or a “Paleo challenge), it’s just feedback on how you’re living your life.  Therefore, playing is possible even if you plan on going on vacation, attending birthday parties or weddings, or would like to drink the occasional glass of wine at a work function or out with friends.

To play, you’ll have to join our team. You can do this by clicking here.  If you live near the gym, you are more than welcome to join us in the many group activities we have planned during the challenge.

The challenge begins on January 16th and this is a time to get serious about your lifestyle and health.  This game will help you get focused, but still have fun.

Join us on Monday, January 11th at 7:30PM for a pregame meeting Q&A on everything Whole Life Challenge!

– Joey


Workout of the Day

A. Every two minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets of):
Front Squat: 2-3 reps

*Build over the course of the sets to today’s heaviest double or triple.
In teams of two, alternate every 5 reps in order to complete as many reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Ground to Overhead 135/95

-Rest 3 minutes-

In teams of two, alternate every 15 reps in order to complete as many reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Wall Balls 20/14




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