2/1/16 – Original Nutritionals – WLC Week 3: Connect With Someone Important


Here’s to the start of ‘Week 3’ of the challenge.  EVERYBODY has been kicking ass lately.  Our team is on a roll.  Lets keep this momentum and energy alive and going into week 3!

Practice Dates: Saturday, January 30 – Friday, February 5

Simple Instructions:

  • Every day of the week, reach out and connect with someone important in your life.
  • It could be someone you haven’t seen in a while, someone you want to say “thanks” to, or simply someone whose absence you notice.
  • You can use phone, text, email, or any form of communication that suits your style and relationship.

Why Is This Practice Important?

For many of us, daily life can seem like a solitary experience. We leave our home and get in our car. We leave our car and sit at our desk. We leave our desk and go back to the car and home again. Even if we get to the gym, it’s likely that you, or everyone else, has headphones on the whole time.

Without a lot of meaningful human contact, it can get to feeling that’s just how life is, that we are mostly alone. But this feeling is really just a consequence of how we’ve designed our day. We are not meant to be alone and we do not have to be.

Relationships are important, and they do take work. Like anything dynamic and alive, they need to be nurtured and cared for if you want them to flourish. Taking time out, even for five minutes, to let the meaningful people in your life know you’re thinking about them can be the important difference between relationships surviving and thriving.

Our sponsor for ‘Week 3’ is no other than WORLD FAMOUS Original Nutritionals .

ORIGINAL Nutritionals is leading the way with Omega 3 for athletes.  Their liquid fish oil is the top of the food chain in quality and taste. In addition, their Coco Java nut Butter pouches may be your best friends as a WLC compliant snack.

Lauren and myself don’t go a day without taking Functional O3 Fish Oil.

A Perfect score in this weeks ‘Lifestyle Practice’ will receive a prize pack from Original Nutritionals!






Workout of the Day

Five sets of:
A1. Seated Strict Press: 3-4 reps
(Progress by 5% from last week’s weight)
-Rest 60 seconds-
A2. Alternating Pistols: 12-16 reps
(practice your progressions if these aren’t proficient, and if they are, add weight by holding a kettlebell)
-Rest 60 seconds-
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
5 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
10 Toes to Bar
15 Ring Dips
30 Double-Unders

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