4/6/16 – 3 Years Strong

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Three years.  It’s been three years since we’ve officially been open for business.

As I sit down and write this, I can’t help but sit back and reflect on everything that’s happened over the course of that.  We’ve actually been open for a little over 4 years now.  That’s counting the time we spent building the Coalition in the garage.

For those of you who don’t know how we started.  We actually ‘officially’ opened up for business in half of a two car garage years back.  I had this crazy idea one day that I wanted to open up a CrossFit gym.  I was working at a job I couldn’t stand at the time.  Didn’t enjoy waking up and going to work.  And, felt like all I was doing was going through the movements of life each day and I couldn’t take it anymore.  My best friend, and heterosexual life mate Evan, sent me a text message while I was at work one day telling me he was signing up for his CrossFit Level 1 Certification.  Now, at that point in time (2012) the certifications sold out in minutes once they were posted.  I was 15 minutes from my lunch break and texted Evan back, “If I can sign up for the cert before it sells out, i’m getting in my car and leaving this job and never coming back.” Those were my exact words.  As you can most likely tell, I never went back.  I sat down in my car, went to the CrossFit website, signed up for my cert, put the keys in the ignition, and drove home.  That may not have been the most responsible thing at the time to do.  But, I felt like it needed to be done.  And now, the rest is history.

I could go in depth over the last 4 years but that’s a hell of a lot of information to write about. Here are a few key points…

I met Lauren, which was a game changer for me.

We locked down a warehouse space

Built the gym out

And then rolled up the roll up door.

It’s all that simple, right?

Over the time we’ve been open we have managed to create one of the best communities of health and fitness in the area.  Now, of course we’re a little biased.  We do know one thing, we’re doing something right. We’ve created a created something that is more than just a place to come workout.  We are all a family.

I want to write a damn novel right now.  One thing that I need to say is Lauren and myself want to thank everybody who has graced our paths over the years.  Whether you’ve trained with us for one session, one month, or are still with us.  You are a huge part of our story and we couldn’t be where we are without all of you.

With that all being said, HERE’S TO MORE YEARS TO COME!


-Joey and Lauren



A. Front Squat
*Set 1 – 5 reps @ 65%
*Set 2 – 4 reps @ 75%
*Set 3 – 3 reps @ 80%
*Set 4 – 2 reps @ 85%
*Set 5 – 1 rep @ 90%
*Set 6 – 3 reps @ 85%
*Set 7 – 5 reps @ as heavy as possible
-Rest 2 minutes between sets-

For time:
Run 800 Meters
30 Pull-Ups
30 Front Squats 175/115
30 Pull-Ups
Run 800 Meters

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