4/11/16 – This Stuff Just Makes Sense



It has come and gone.  Another successful CrossFit Strongman Trainer Course is officially in the books.  We had some big time conversations On Saturday, New outlooks on training and programming were gained by all participants.  Whether it was a huge epiphany moment, or just a slight head nod to confirm they were already going in the right direction.

The cool thing with CrossFit in my opinion is that there really isn’t a ‘right direction’ so to say.  CrossFit is a type of program that is what it is to each individual.  You may look at it like this.  I am look at it like that.  It’s still CrossFit when it all boils down to it.  Sort of like the tomato, tomato kind of deal.  Which way is right?  You decide.

Every time I leave this seminar (this is my 4th time doing it) I’m always inspired.  Not necessarily inspired to lift weird, heavy shit all day.  But, by the fact that it always makes me feel good about what it is we’re doing here at The Fitness Coalition.  Or as Tracy coined it Friday morning as I had her hooked up to all kinds of bands and contraptions, ‘The Lab’.  One of the reasons we picked up and ran with this whole strongman idea wasn’t just because it was super cool and all the cool kids were doing it.  The reason was, it just made sense to me.  Now, this was brought up in the seminar and I’m not going to touch too much about it, but stay with me here.  The reason this stuff makes so much sense from a coaches standpoint is that it’s pretty fool-proof to do.  Its safe, when doing correctly.  And, it takes very little to no skill to accomplish.  For example, if you walked into the gym for your first class for the very first time and the workout had full snatches (that would be with a squat)in it. You’ve never done an overhead squat in your life, let alone fling a barbell over your head, catch it, then squat it, and after all that stand it up.  How would you feel?  Now, here’s another example.  Lets say you walk into the gym and the workout had a heavy carry implement like a sandbag or keg.  All you need to do is be able to pick up the object and walk with it.  The heavy carry equals instant intensity with very little to no skill.  Learning a snatch is very skillful with very little to no intensity at the beginning.  So, with the strongman implements, I can get somebody to walk in off the street, and present to them a way that they can get instant intensity that same day with having to display very little to no skill (relatively speaking of course).  As a coach, this is a goldmine.

That is exactly why I went off on this little tangent.  I believe that strongman type of training is one of the best and unfortunately most under utilized types of training out there.  It’s just so easy to do.  It baffles me at times how some people haven’t had or don’t want to have this conversation.  In my mind, if you’re a coach and you aren’t exposing your people to this type of training you’re doing them a huge disservice.  If CrossFit is all about functional movement, what’s more functional than picking things up and moving them from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’?

Of course I’m a bit biased with my feelings on this.  Again, CrossFit is what you make it.  I firmly believe that training our people the way we do is going to set them up for more than just looking good naked in the mirror.  The way we do things here is going to help set them up to be better versions of themselves where it really counts.  In real life.

– Joey



Workout of the Day

A.Take 15 minutes to build to today’s 1-RM Push Press

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
6 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
12 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
30 Double-Unders

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