The time is finally here! After months of preparation, we’re going to be heading into testing week. 

We’re starting off with the back squat. I want this to go as easy as possible for everybody. We’re going to have percentages on the board tomorrow for you guys to plug your current 1RM’s into for us to calculate your jumps. The days that we found your heavy 3 reps at your 90%+ will be needed to be on hand and available for us to use as well. We aren’t going to go into this blind. All your attempts will be laid out for you. You will end up making final decisions based on feel and your coaches judgement. 

This will be an exciting week. We’re expecting to see some solid numbers put up this week! 

For those of you lifting at our mock meet on Friday. There will be a different strength portion for you guys to do during classes. 

See everybody tomorrow!



Workout of the Day

A. Back Squat: 1RM

B. GHD Snatch Grip Back Ext: 10RM


5 Rounds 

5 Front Squat 65%-70%

5 Box Jumps 30″/24″

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