12/8/16 – Milk Drunk PJ

Today’s conditioning piece is brought to us by my good friend Scott in Oregon. His wife just gave birth to this beautiful baby boy who you see in this picture, milk drunk after a feeding. 

PJ was born on December 1st, 2016. The rep scheme represents his date of birth. The 5 rounds is the amount of time his trooper of a mother was in labor. 

Lauren and I did this workout last night and it’s safe to say, PJ is already one bad ass mother fucker. Even only being a week old. 

Let’s have some fun today! 

Workout of the Day

A. 2″ Deficit Sumo Deadlift @45% + Chain

10 Sets – 2 Reps (Every :45 sec)

B. Back Squat: 1 Set – 8 Reps (+10lbs) -OR- Front Squat: 1 Set – 5 Reps (+10lbs)


For Time:


5 Rounds

12 Back Squats @BW

100′ Bear Crawl

20 V-Ups

16 Double Unders

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