3/13/17: Southern Oregon Classic

Well, we had one hell of a weekend!

If you were following our social media on Saturday, then i’m sure you all saw the videos of how Lauren’s meet went.  If you didn’t happen to catch them, go check our Instagram or Facebook now.  I’ll wait.

Lauren and I went up to Grants Pass, Oregon this weekend for the Southern Oregon Classic.  This was a power lifting meet our buddies from Eternia Athletics were hosting. If you aren’t familiar with how a power lifting meet works, i’ll fill you in real quick.  A power lifting meet is comprised of 3 main lifts.  The squat, bench press, and deadlift.  Each lifter in their respective weight class gets 3 attempts at each lift.  With the goal of lifting the heaviest weight possible.

Lauren was on fire on shattered multiple California State Records in all three of the lifts as well as multiple life time personal records on all three of the lifts.

Here’s a list of her accomplishments from the weekend:

The Squat: 287lbs – 11lb Meet PR (personal record), All-Time PR, California State Record

The Bench Press: 193lbs – 8lb Meet PR, All-Time PR, California State Record

The Deadlift: 347lb – 22lb Meet PR, All-Time PR, California State Record

Best Total (combined weight of all 3 lifts)

Best Bench Press

Best Wilks

Qualified for Nationals

We’re still riding a high from this weekend.  It still seems so surreal.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She trained hard for that meet and it showed this weekend.

She set the pace for this upcoming week.  Lets get in the gym and continue to add fuel to the fire Lauren started. Lets get it.

– Joey



Workout of the Day

A. Front Squat + Chains: Work to Heavy Double *Not Maximal* (15-20 Minutes)

B. Front  Squat: 1RM (5-8 Minutes)
12 Minute AMRAP
10 Back Rack Reverse Lunges 155/105 (From Floor)
200m Run

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