We have partnered with Journey Coffee Company to bring you all their infamous Nitro Cold Brew! 
It’s on tap. 
It’s ice cold. 
And it’s only $5 for 16oz
Come get yourself a cup today! 
We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Journey Coffee Company!

Exclusively at The Fitness Coalition! 
– Joey


Workout of the Day
A. Push Press @45% + Bands: 9 Sets – 3 Reps (Every :45 sec)B. Close Grip Bench: 8 or 5 Reps (+5lbs from 5/30) – 3 Sets Building

*if you failed your set of 8. Drop 20% from weight you failed. Restart cycle over with 5 Reps. 

5 Rounds (20 Min Cap)

5 Man Makers*

10 T2B

*Man Maker – Start with DB’s in hands in plank position
Push Up

Right Arm Row

Push Up

Left Arm Row

Jump To Standing

DB Clean into Thruster

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