A. Box Front Squats @60% of 2RM + Bands: 10 Sets – 2 Reps 
B. Back Squat – 5 Reps (+10lbs each week)( Sets of 5 reps to build up)(Build from 6/1)

C. Deadlift (Comp Stance) @90%+: 3 Reps (Testing Openers) (10 Minutes)

*If 90% feels easy, add weight. This will give us an idea where we will open for the meet


3 Attempts – STRONGMAN MEDLEY (1 Minute)

1 Stone to Shoulder AHAP

50’ Keg Carry @BW+

50’ Sled Push (Added Weight ON Sled) 180/90 (Four 45’s / Two 45’s)

Max Sandbag to Shoulder 140/100

-Rest as needed-

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