11/3/17 – Lauren Takes The Gold!


363lb Deadlift – 11lb All-Time Personal Record

Worlds was a tough but rewarding day. All I could think about was making TFC, Coaches, friends and family proud. I may not have hit the numbers I set myself up for but they are there for me….I know it. Today, I feel extremely grateful for all of the love and support sent my way. The battle on that platform was both rewarding and humbling in so many ways. Thank you to all that believed in me! ~Lo 

Workout of the Day

A. Bench press + bands(yellow): 1RM (12 minutes)

B. Close grip bench press + 3 board: Heavy 8 reps (10 minutes)


For Time:

Alt dumbbell snatch
Cals on Airdyne 

Push ups 

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