2/5/18 – Kastl Muscle Therapy

There are too many good things to say about Bryan Kastl from Kastl Muscular Therapy, but I’m going to do my best to sum it up for you guys.

I had the pleasure of getting work done by Bryan recently.  I feel like I am pretty in tune with my body.  I can tell when things feel off, or I’m not moving well.  The same goes for when I’m feeling good and moving good.  You don’t realize how out of whack you actually are until you get work done by someone like Bryan.  Areas of my body I didn’t’ even know needed work were so tender to the touch it almost made me cry.  Side note, I also realized I’m a little sissy when it comes to deep tissue work.  I groan and moan, squirm and look like I’m having convulsions when certain spots get the much-needed attention they deserve.

Deep tissue work is an essential tool for athletes or anyone who work outs regularly.  Having a guy like Bryan on your team is a critical piece for our recovery from strenuous training.  Bryan has over 25 years’ experience in his field of body work. He knows the human body inside and out.  If you let him know what is going on, he will be able to provide you relief and offer valuable information on how you can continue to live pain free.  Corrective exercise is also one of Bryans specialties. Having the ability to treat pain and give his clients information on how to keep themselves from experiencing the same pain is quite the one-two punch.

I highly recommend Bryan to anyone that suffers from pain and is looking for some healing.  Whether your pain is slight, or it is chronic.  You owe it to yourself to feel the best you can in your own body.

Bryan will be back at the gym in the next couple weeks.  If you’re interested in getting work done, let us know.  We will be happy to help you get set up with Bryan.

Take care of yourselves, people.


Kastl Muscle Therapy


Workout of the Day

A. Box Squat + Foam: 1RM

B. Deadlift + 1 Set Chain: Heavy 5


2 Sets – 100% Max Effort

Max Sandbag Squats (12+)

75′ Sled Push

75′ Reverse Sled Drag

-Rest 2-3 Minutes-

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