2/12/18 – Journey Coffee Co – Fairfield

It isn’t that much of a secret. We all have a thing for coffee. Or at least caffeine. And lucky for us Cordelia and Fairfield residents, we can all feed that addiction with some delicious organic fair trade coffee from Journey Coffee Co!

Journey’s flagship store is in Vacaville off of Alamo road. They serve some unbelievably good, high quality coffee. Which, in case you were wondering. Is roasted in-house. I’ve had the pleasure of personally being shown the roasting process Journey uses to perfect their beans by the bossman himself. It’s very interesting and impressive the amount of detail that goes into roasting each variety of bean.

They have opened up their second location in Fairfield.

3700 Chadbourne Road to be exact.

They are an amazing company with outstanding and meaningful core values and we are lucky to have such a such a great company within 5 minutes from the gym.

If you haven’t done so yet, do yourself for a favor and head on over and grab yourself something to drink or eat. And enjoy sometimes to yourself or with friends. Treat yourself.

– Joey

Workout of the Day

A. Sumo Deadlift + Bands: 1RM

B. Pause Back Squat (2 Sec pause): Heavy 3


5 Rounds for Time(s)

6 Front Squats @50-60% (From Floor)

150′ Shuttle Run

-Rest 1:30-

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