9/6/18 – Open Gym Availability

With September finally here, we will be making some changes at the gym.  We believe these changes will be for the betterment of our community and we couldn’t’ be more excited to finally be able to offer you all these things!  Moving into our new space has given us the ability to do things we were unable to do in our old facility.  One of those things is offering a structured, open gym time.  Starting this week, the gym will be open Monday – Friday from 5AM to 10AM every day.  With that time frame comes a 5AM class every day and it also comes with the ability to offer open gym during that entire time frame.

Let’s break down what exactly having open gym time means to you.  The biggest advantage to having the open gym time is being able to come in any time between 5AM and 10AM and be able to have free reign.  For example, let’s say you missed out on a workout during the week that you really wanted to do, but work got the best of you and you had to stay late, or you got caught in traffic, or whatever.  Life happens, and we understand that.  Now, with the open gym availability you’ll be able to come in the morning, if it suits your schedule, and make up a workout that you missed.

Or, if you know you need to work on a certain skill.  Oh, I don’t know… maybe double unders or something.  This will be your opportunity to spend designated time working on something you may not be the best at.

Feel like your hips are always tight?  Or you can’t touch your toes if your life depended on it.  I think you can see where I’m going with this.  You could even come in and work on some mobility to gain new range of motion.

Another option you have during open gym hours would be what we’re going to consider “recovery workouts” or “30-Minute Workouts”.  Training here can be intense.  Your body can get beat up and you can get pretty sore from time to time.  A trend we’ve noticed is that when people are sore, they will opt to not come to the gym and take an extra rest day.  That’s completely understandable and we aren’t knocking you at all for doing that.  But, sometimes the best thing you can do for sore muscles is to get them moving.  These recovery workouts are something your coaches can help you with and I believe these will be extremely beneficial for you guys.  Here’s an example of a quick recovery workout.  Let’s say you came in on Monday for Max Effort Lower, it’s now Tuesday morning and your legs and back are sore.  What we’d have you do if you came in on Tuesday morning would be a really light sled drag outside for 6-8 trips of the parking lot.  The goal for the sled drags would be for blood flow to help flush out the sore muscles.  This would be done at a conversational pace meaning that if you were dragging a sled with a buddy, you could have a conversation with them and not be completely winded trying to talk to them.  Other examples of movements we’d have you do would be light reverse hypers, banded leg curls, banded leg extensions, banded good mornings…. I’m sure you get the picture here.  The point of these recovery workouts is for you to feel refreshed afterwards and not on your back, looking at the ceiling.  Get in, move around for 30 minutes, and get out.

Open gym will not be a coached class, but a coach will be present during all times (unless you come in during a class time) to help assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Having these new morning hours now opens new time slots for our current 5AM’ers to add extra days to their workout schedule!  And, maybe even get some NEW 5AM’ers in the door.  Do we have any takers?!

Our goal here is to provide you all with the best experience possible here.  We believe that having these new hours and offerings will benefit you all greatly.  Hope to start seeing more of you guys in the morning.  Don’t forget, we have coffee on tap!


Workout of the Day

A. Box Squats @55% + Bands: 12 Sets – 2 Reps (Every :45 Sec)

B. Conventional Deadlifts @75-80%: 12 Sets – 1 Rep


5 Rounds

5 Stone to Shoulder

5 Box Jumps

100′ Carry

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