6/11/19 – Coalition KIDS Launches!

Today is the day!  Our highly anticipated Coalition KIDS program officially launches!  

Below is a description of the program. 

Our children’s bodies want to move whether they are in a sport, at home, or on the playground! They crave it! Our kids program builds an overall foundation for fitness, building strength, confidence, improving stability, and agility through low skill movements (low WES (Weight-bearing, Eccentric, Skill), high intensity, body weight movements) with apparatuses such as sleds, sandbags, & farmer carries.

Some of the biggest concerns for kids and weight training are adding loads to a child’s spine and structure too early, causing harm and damage for the long-term. Go back 150 years and kids would have been working on a farm: milking cows, bailing hay, carrying water buckets/feed, etc. AKA strength training; this is the focus of this program.

Our Coalition KIDS program will be different than the traditional kids programs out there. We will be offering a very unique take on youth fitness and we are excited to bring this to Solano County.

Classes will run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:15pm-7:15pm.  The price per child is $105/month.  If you are a current member of the gym and want to add a child to your membership, the cost per child will be $85.  

If you’re interested in learning more about Coalition KIDS or our Adult GPP Program.  Please email: info@thefitnesscoalition.com

We are happy to help assist you with whatever information you need. 

Today is the BIG DAY!



Hang Power Snatch @60%: 9 Sets – 3 Reps 

B.   Eccentric Pull Ups: 5 Sets – 5 Reps (3 Sec Eccentric)
-Rest 1 Minute Between Sets-
Controlled decent to complete lock out at bottom. No crash

C.    5 Rounds
10 DB Hang Clean
10 DB Burpees
100m Run

D. Banded Reverse Crunch: Double or Single Leg -OR- Dragon Flag Progression
5 Sets – 10-20 Reps Per side/Total


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