6/12/19 – Not Taught, Just Remembered

Would you look at that? What do we have here?! Is that someone picking something up from the ground with a rounded back? Yup, that’s exactly what it is. The crazy part about it, it’s absolutely safe. Want to know why it’s safe? It’s safe because that is actually how your body was intended to move.

The fitness industry is littered with self proclaimed gurus who know more than you and are better than you because of it. I hope you caught the sarcasm with the statement. The problem is that people claim to be experts in certain areas or with certain exercises and it’s their way or the highway. If you don’t do it the way they say, you’re wrong.

I feel one of the biggest controversies is the “flat back” on you deadlift. People (who don’t know any better) will cringe at the sight of someone even remotely having any curvature in their backs while deadlifting a barbell. Rounding of the low back, is a no-go. Rounding of the upper back, you’re all good! Now, that is my personal opinion.

The problem with the straight back debate is it doesn’t hold any value when we start talking about picking up any other objects up off the floor. Lets bring strongman into the conversation, shall we. If any of these “straight back or GTFO” people every say someone pick up an atlas stone they’d probably have a heart attack. Or make a YouTube video on their reaction of the horror they just witnessed. In reality though, that is a perfectly fine, anatomically advantageous position to pick something up off the floor. Take a deeper look at the picture. What do you really see? Is the back rounded? Absolutely. What part of the back is actually rounded? The upper back. The low back is actually flat, and out of harms way.

The reason for this is because of the bodies ability to hinge at the hip. Have you ever watched a child move? Or an even better question, have you ever watched a child try to pick something up off of the floor? If you have, what do you notice? You probably say something along the lines of that child standing over the object, most like in-between their legs, hinge (bend) over, keeping their lower backs flat and rounding their upper backs, until their little hands can grab whatever it is their trying to pick up, and then they do their best to stand up. Is anybody screaming at kids to “KEEP A FLAT BACK!” when they’re picking things up? Absolutely not. That would be crazy. Right?

The body was intended to move in a certain way. Children move perfect because they don’t know any better. They’re just moving the way the body was designed to move and instinctively trying to navigate the world.

In a long-winded way, basically what I’m trying to say is before you set something in stone. You should look at the context of the situation and see if the rules change. In the case of ‘keep your back flat’ on a deadlift. You need to ask yourself, are you even lifting heavy enough to actually challenge your positioning? If you were you’d know that rounding of the spine happens. And is safe to a certain degree.

If you’re lifting in a way your body was intended and designed to move, don’t you think you’d be safe?

– Joey


Recovery / Connective Tissue Day

A. 3 Minute AMRAP (3-5 Sets)

Sumo Push Throughs x10

-squeezing and releasing the glutes through the belt

Frog Stance RDLs x20

-reaching far back with the hips, then squeezing the glutes through the belt

Conventional Floor touch x30

-slight knee bend, squeezing the glutes and hamstrings on the way up, toes sightly out

*Repeat until time expires*

B. Straight Arm Lat Pull Down: 100 Reps

C. 3 Way Banded Abs: 3 Sets 30 Reps (Front, Side, Side = 1 Rep)

D. Banded Supinated Grip Tricep Ext: 3 Sets – 10-15 Reps

E. Grip Work: KB Roll Ups

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