6/14/19 – My ‘Why?’ With Xendurance.

I attended the first ever XND SUMMIT last weekend in Arizona at Xendurance HQ. The event was everything I was hoping it could be and more. There were people from all over the country in attendance because they believe in and stand behind the brand. Why else would you get on a plane to head to Arizona to listen to some people talk about supplements if you weren’t 100% invested? I know I wouldn’t do that unless I believed that the products were the best in the world.

The company was founded by Sandy Kellin. He was a lifelong athlete and wanted to create products for Elite Health & Wellness. The goal was to create products everyone can use. Not just products specifically for athletes. The company was founded on our Joint-4 product. In my opinion, a product of this nature is for everyone. As a preventive tool or as a means of relief from current issues. I’m sure you can think of someone right now off the top of your head who may have some kind of joint issue. It may even be you. You may be that person you’re thinking of. The next product that came down the pipe line was our multivitamin, Immune Boost. Everyone can benefit from a multivitamin. And, I mean everyone. With the quality of our food these days, we aren’t getting the micronutrients we would have been getting many years ago. Supplementing with a multivitamin is something that can greatly improve your health because it will be supplying you with the needed micronutrients you aren’t getting from your food. With just these two products, you have opened up the ability to help improve the health and wellness of every single person you know.

At the Summit we were asked our ‘Why?’. My ‘Why?’ is very emotional for me. When I was 16 years old my Father passed away of Colon Cancer. Fuck Cancer. He wasn’t the healthiest eater. I remember to this day what my dad ate on the daily. Frosted Flakes for breakfast, 2 Hot dogs on a white bread “bun” with canned beans with a side of Coca Cola, bologne sandwich on white bread with ketchup and lays potato chips, pot pies, hostess cup cakes, ding dongs, Ho-ho’s and home run pies. You get the drift here. He ate tons of processed crap, drank Coca Cola with every meal except breakfast and I’m sure his sleep wasn’t the best being a CHP officer constantly working different shifts. There are many factors that lead to this. You can’t pinpoint just one. He just wasn’t living as healthy of a lifestyle as we could. He didn’t know any better.

I changed and prioritized the way I ate and lived my life because I want to be here on this planet for as long as possible. I want to be able to have the healthiest life I possibly can. For myself, and for my family. My goal is to be on this earth for as long as possible. Health and Fitness is where I decided to dedicate my life in a relentless pursuit to help change the lives of as many people as I can. I want to help educate people on how to live the healthiest lives they can with nutrition, fitness and supplementation. Helping add life to your years and years to your life will always be my goal.

After those emotions rushed over me at the Summit I knew what I committed to doing is really going to pay off. I am in the right place and surrounded by the right people to make my mission happen. My team at Xendurance are all just as passionate as me about our products and mission that there is no way we all can’t be successful in making a change for the better in this world.

Xendurance products have been a part of my daily supplement regiment for 6+ years now. I do not go a day without them. Even when I travel I make sure to bring my products with me for as many days I need. I’m passionate about these products because I know the research and development that goes into each product, I know how high quality the ingredients in the products are, and I know just how passionate the owners of the company are about helping people. You can tell they are actually invested in the people who trust in their products. They have cultivated a culture of passion, caring, and excellence in everything that they do.

I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of TEAM XND. We are going to change lives, people.



Workout of the Day

A. Bench Press: 3RM

B. 5 Sets

10 Bent Over BB Row

10-12 DB Dips

C. 5 Sets

10-12 Incline DB Row

10-12 DB Tricep Ext.

D. BB Upright Row: 100 Reps

E. Band Pull Aparts: 200 Reps

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