6/17/19 – Schedule Reminder

I just wanted to give everybody one last reminder about the schedule for this week. The only class times that will be available are going to be the 5AM and 6:30PM. Candace will be covering all of the adult GPP Classes and Haley will be keeping the Coalition KIDS class going on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:15PM-7:15PM. Yoga will still be available on Wednesday evening at 6:15PM as well.

Make sure to thank Candace and Haley when you see them this week. They both stepped up big time to cover as many classes as they could to keep the gym open for all of you. We appreciate all your hard work, ladies. Thank you.

We will be posting the workouts to the blog all next week, as well as an article to go with them. I can’t go back on my word already. Thanks for keeping me accountable, everybody.

Today’s workout is a fun one. Go have some fun with it. Lauren and I will see you guys on Friday!




Workout of the Day

A. Sumo Deadlift + HEAVY Bands: 1RM (Same set up as 6/3)

B. Banded Box Step Ups: Heavy 5-8 Per Leg

C. Max Triple Broad Jump: 7 Attempts

D. 5 Sets

200’ Sled SPRINT

*Monkey Line Style*

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