6/21/19 – Practice Makes Perfect

Practice if you want to be better at (insert blank)

Practice makes perfect, right? Seems like a pretty easy concept to wrap around your head. If you want to be better at something. You’re going to need to practice. I’m sure almost everyone can agree with that logic.

What I’ve come to realize after years of working with people in the fitness world is that some people get frustrated not achieving something they haven’t put Any time or effort into.

I’m sure this example can be fitted for other scenarios other than fitness. For the sake of this example, let’s discuss some fitness. Shall we?

Now I’m an old school guy. I believe in working hard for something you want. No matter how hard the works going to be. If you want a certain goal, you’re going to have to work for it. Period. The harder the work, the sweeter the victory when you achieve it.

This instant gratification culture that has taken over this generation has killed the ‘work for it if you want it’ mentality. The youth of today don’t have the same work ethic as the previous generation had. Everything anyone could ever want is basically at your finger tips. Having to put in work isn’t cool anymore.

Basically. To sum all of this up. Make sure that if there’s a goal you want to achieve. Commit to putting in the work needed to achieve that goal. If you want anything in this life. You’re going to need to learn how to put your head down and work for it.



Workout of the Day

A. Strict Press: 3RM

B. Eccentric Pull Ups: 3RM (3 sec eccentric) 3-5 Sets


C. 5 Rounds (15 Minute Cap)

10 Plate OH Sit Ups

10 Push Jerks 155/105+ (no more than 2 Sets)



DB Lat Raise: 3 Sets – Max Reps

DB upright Row: 3 Sets – 20 Reps

Banded Rear Delt: 3 Sets – 20 Reps (band around rig, band pull apart)

DB Shrugs: 3 Sets – 20 Reps

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