6/26/19 – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner – What Does That Mean?

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner – What Does That Mean?

 I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the training I’ve just completed. People have said “Nutrition Coach…isn’t that what you were doing before? Yes, although…My journey with nutrition started a long time ago. After high school, my movement looked a lot like an hour dance class midday followed by a “bodybuilder” style training session in the evening. As I dove deeper into weightlifting, different programs and training styles I felt run into the ground each time I trained. I needed to know more about how I could feel better because I had found something that I seriously loved. I started reading and adapting my own version of eating “clean”, I moved on to more consistent and serious training and began to eat “Paleo”, I became even stronger, more competitive and more interested in food as fuel and hired a Sports Nutritionist. I learned A TON, grew even more excited and began the process of getting my own Sports Nutrition License. I sat for my exam and took on a handful of clients a few months later. Shortly after, I realized I was bored, tired and eating lots of the same things, only those things. My diet lacked color, flavor (FAT) and essential nutrients. My body started to feel sluggish and again, run into the ground. Four years of experimentation, passion for cooking and client feedback, family with chronic symptoms of fatigue and digestion issues, I found myself searching for more answers. This led me to the NTA…The Nutritional Therapy Association. 

I read the NTA’s mission on their website and instantly new I was meant to do this. The NTA is guided by four core principles: a commitment to the unique bio-individuality of each client, a food first approach to balancing the Nutritional Foundations, a respect for ancestral wisdom and experiential knowledge, an honest, balanced approach to contemporary research and scholarship. 

When it comes to nutrition there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each person and their needs are unique. What works for youmay not be optimal for someone else. Nutritional therapy is tailored to each individual’s needs, lifestyle, activity level, stress level, etc. Although each of us have different needs and our genes respond differently to various foods and lifestyles, I’ve learned the NTA does believe that there are certain fundamental factors that must be in balance to achieve optimal health. These factors are “The Nutritional Foundations”:

Nutrition: Eating a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet.

Digestion: Absorbing and assimilating the nutrients we eat.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Ensuring a steady, balanced supply of energy.

Fatty Acid Balance: Absorbing and utilizing healthy fats for fuel, structure and healing.

Mineral Balance: Absorbing and utilizing macro and micro minerals.

Hydration: Supplying cells and tissues with sufficient water. 

 The other big components we focused on which go hand-in-hand with nutrition are sleep, rest and relaxation, stress management, movement, community and social support. 

All of this just sang to me! THESE are the pieces of the puzzle I had been missing and I am SO excited to share this with you all. As an NTP, I use a variety of evaluative tools to determine imbalances and deficiencies, make tailored bio-individual recommendations, and monitor client progress. Each provides a puzzle piece which when combined with the others helps paint a holistic, comprehensive picture of how I can best support each client over time.

I SO look forward to helping my friends, family, clients and community re-balance, using these new tools, to help them achieve optimal wellness through dietary changes.


Yours in health and in strength,




Workout of the Day

RECOVERY DAY / Connective Tissue Day

A.Scap Push Up on knees: 2 Sets – 15 Reps

*Use this as a way to warm up shoulders, back, chest, and scaps

B.Side Plank: 2-3 Sets – :30sec Per Side

C.Table Top Circles w/ Medball: :30 sec “wax on” / :30 sec “wax off” – 2-3 Sets Each Side

D. Wall Circles w/ Medball: Same as above

E.Deadbug: 2-3 Sets: 20 Reps (10 each side – alternating)

F.Banded March: 2-3 Sets – 3:00 Minutes

G.Banded Good Mornings (Shane Sweatt Style): 100 Reps

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