7/1/19 – What’s Your Why?

When you first start at The Fitness Coalition, you’re asked “What brought you here and what are you looking to get out of your time here?”

We ask this these two questions because it helps us uncover your “Why”. That is a very important answer. It helps us understand the reasoning behind why potential students want to join us at our training facility. As coaches, it’s very hard for us to help someone if we don’t understand exactly what they’re trying to accomplish with their fitness journey. Every person comes in with different answers and different, deeper emotions tied to those answers. This isn’t a cookie cutter thing we’re trying to do here. We’re not going to be able to help everyone the same way.

When you first started here at The Fitness Coalition, what was your “Why” and how has it changed since training here? I’d be very interested in hearing the answers to that question.

Your “Why” may change over time. That’s okay. Your answer to that question should be constantly evolving. With life, comes new experiences. Those experiences shape you as a person. When you evolve in life, everything else around you should evolve as well.

Every time your “Why” changes it should be an exciting moment. That means you’re experiencing the best part of life…. Living.



Workout of the Day

A. Conventional Deadlift: 2RM


40/30 Cals AD

20 Alternating DB Snatch 70/50

*8 Minute Time Cap*

C. 3 Sets

Medball Hamstring Curls (1 Second Pause): Max Reps

Banded Leg Extensions: 50 Reps

D. Banded Deadbug: 100 Reps (50 Each Side)

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