7/23/19 – Emotional Weight

I had felt an enormous amount of pressure on myself leading up to my sisters wedding. I had a huge responsibility. I was asked by my sister to fill in for our father. It was up to me to wear my fathers shoes and take on his roll. That was something I held to an extremely high standard.

Emotions were running high and weighed heavy on me the two weeks leading up to her wedding. I knew since the engagement that I was going to be filling in for my father but it wasn’t until that wedding date was close that things really started hitting me. I didn’t feel like myself. I was moody, felt sluggish, slept like shit, unmotivated to train, horrible appetite, and just extra emotional. I freaking cried watching “This Is Us” with Lauren. If you haven’t had a chance to watch that show. I highly recommend that you do.

My question to you. Have you ever just felt like an emotional wreck leading up to an event? If you have, how did you deal with it? What were some things you did to ease anxiety or deal with stress?

⁃ Joey


Workout of the Day

A. 5 Rounds (Every :90sec)

5 Muscle Snatch (CLEAN Form)

5 Pull Ups

B1. Pendlay Rows: 3 Sets – 8-10 Reps

B2. Dips: 3 Sets – 8-10 Reps

C. 100’ Rope Pulls + Sled Hammer Strikes

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