The Fitness Coalition is a place of fitness where athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels can come together with a common goal in mind: to get as fit as possible by using the most effective exercise and nutrition program around. The primary approach used at The Fitness Coalition is a workout program based on functional body movements and drawing from the disciplines of Power Lifting, Strongman, Olympic weightlifting, Gymnastics, and cardiovascular fitness. Workout sessions vary in length, ranging from a few minutes to a full hour, with intensity being a consistent component. The idea is to challenge the body and psyche beyond previous experienced limits, through increases in speed, weight and reps, as well as combination of movements. Workouts are never exactly the same, an element that keeps the body guessing and challenges participants in ways other workouts don’t. We run, jump, row, lift weights, do pull-ups, throw balls, squat, jump rope, and much more. Our workouts can be modified to meet the training needs of athletes of all ages and ability levels.

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