Joey Hoey

Joey is passionate about the human body and the movement capabilities it possesses. He started his fitness journey at the young age for 4 years old practicing the traditional martial art of Kajukenbo.  It was during this time he learned the value of hard work and dedication.  And, how those traits can help you accomplish any goals you may have for yourself.  A big lesson in martial arts was to build one’s mind, body and spirit.  Through dedicated practice, Joey believes anyone can learn to become stronger.  Both physically and mentally.

He lost his father at an early age to cancer.  Looking back and reflecting on that, he knew his father’s lifestyle could have played a role in that tragic event.  He dedicated himself to learning more about the science of nutrition and how that plays a roll into the health of the human body.  He has been on a mission to live the healthiest life he can, so he can be around for as his family and loved ones for as long as possible. One of Joey’s main goals is to help people learn to live healthier lifestyles, so they can add years to their life, and life to their years.  Enabling them to be able to spend more quality time with their loved ones.

Joey is extremely passionate about helping the members of his community become the best versions of themselves. If given the chance, he’d love to help you in any way possible.  All that he asks, is that you give him your 100% effort and be open minded to learning and trying new things.

Westside Barbell Athletic Coaching & Personal Trainer Certified
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Strongman
CrossFit Conjugate Methods 
CrossFit Kids
National Personal Training Institute – Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant (NPTI)


Lauren Hoey

My love of fitness began early on from softball through grade school, basketball through high school onto dance performance at the college level. Being a strong female in the modern world is something that has always intrigued me. My passion for weightlifting and nutrition sparked just out of high school. As my strength grew so did my passion for learning more of what the body is capable of. As well as fueling for performance. I had a friend introduced me to CrossFit a few years later and I instantly fell in love with the challenge. After almost two years in the CF world, I met and married my now husband. We’ve since opened a facility together. Fast forward five years…

Owning a facility and growing more competitive in CF/Powerlifting/Strongman my hunger for learning/pursuing more about fueling for performance has grown dramatically. I’m training and coaching clients of all types in nutrition every day. I can now say that I’m pursuing my passion to help others find their strength and achieve the goals they’ve always wanted for themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist (LPSN)
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Strongman


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